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Welcome to the tribute to the guys of 4 HARMoNeE......
On this site you will find various pictures and sounds from the guys of 4 HARMoNeE!
They have gone through many changes in the group and their personal lives,
but what they did together was magic.
This is set up for everyone to check out some of their past performances and give anyone out there a chance to listen to them once again.

Be sure to check out the new fan page picture section. Don't forget to pick up the latest single from 4 HARMoNeE. Get it in the online store now.

Welcome to the home of 4 HARMoNeE. The guys of 4 HARMoNeE are working on changing the rules of the music industry today. With their combination of country, R&B, and pop sounds, it will be difficult not to be taken in by their unique style. Together with their diverse backgrounds, 4 HARMoNeE is poised to take the musical scene by storm.

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